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04 January 2025 @ 08:48 am
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26 August 2009 @ 10:49 am
So i'm back again. I'm just finding that i want to update all my mundane things becuase i have nothing else to do. Currently i'm sitting in my Geog lecture at 8:44 in the morning, but i'm going to update about yesterday.

Theater was good. I made some new friends kinda. And the class itself was pretty fun. I have to sign up for shop hours soon, so i have to tell Tory that i can't work some days =\ sigh. its only two days. i'll break it into two weeks rather than out two days one week. it might be hard.

Zoology was again, highly entertaining and i met some new people.. [Unknown LJ tag] i met this girl you went to HS with. her name is brandy/i? lol she says she knows you and katie, hideto, aaron, etc =D so hahahaha instant friend in Zool. =D

work however was another total fail IMO. i miss group 1 so much and group 3 is just too elastic. like, its sooo hands off and makes me feel lazy. I just stand around x_x. BORE. I'm leader again today. and i don't like it. I'm giong to have to yell a lot and i don't like yelling. My group 1 kids are so well behaved. its amazing.

I also saw a ton of people i knew yesterday. it was kinda nice. Other than meeting new people, i saw some people i worked with previously/currently and went to high school with. so it was nice to have some conversations with them.

One class today because FAMR was cancelled (teacher is off island until... tuesday) so woo woo for me. perslaps, since i'm right here... i shall go and talk to the College of Ed advisor about my classes and what not. =D i want melvin, like matt said: "aloha linda, how can i kokua?" translation: hi linda, how can i help? hahahaha

on a side note.. and if anyone loves me tons and tons LOL... i really, really want an iTouch =\ that way i don't have to lug my computer to school all the time its such a pain. too bad like.. my birthday is already almost 2 months past. =\ T_T i wish i got more money so i could fund the purchase of an iTouch. Maybe christmas =\ but i want it now T_T
MUSIC: The Academy Is... - Crowded room
18 March 2009 @ 11:15 pm
  • 07:16 Wonderful morning with the queen bitch my sister x.x
  • 07:45 At work so early. Its gonna be a long day
  • 08:04 I feel really fat today
  • 09:22 Need to learn to eat my snacks really slowly so it lat longer
  • 09:24 Got cheetos and dark chocolate covered pretzels
  • 10:32 Lol saw wyman the cute accountant in the stairway and we said hi and howzit. Lol what a happy day HAHA
  • 17:43 @damned_cat haha of course i was hi. but i have said howzit before haha
  • 19:31 fit for fitnessnessness
  • 20:03 should go for a run.... but i i'm just going to focus on one thing right now
  • 20:04 @hi_matthew where are you?
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17 March 2009 @ 11:15 pm
  • 11:11 Bento man how i've missed you!
  • 20:35 Ca plane pour moi moi moi moi moi moi
  • 21:42 fit for fitness! tinyurl.com/ac2b5a
  • 22:07 hello shower, my name is linda =D
  • 23:04 @shinsh0ku don't worry i'm the same =( it saddens me too
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16 March 2009 @ 11:15 pm
  • 23:15 bored and getting sleepy, so what do i do? plaly freecel/spider solitaire! XD
  • 00:53 Just tripped over the weights that were still on my bed. OWW
  • 07:18 @damned_cat lol i didn't walk on them but when i crawled into bed they were there lol
  • 07:28 Calling out one more day and opting to do laundry instead. Such is my life
  • 12:17 Stuffing my face
  • 14:10 Still eating wtf. I'll stop soon i promise
  • 20:26 Ran into classmate at times and talked about school lol
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